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Dry Skin

Cell Reactivate

60 min $195
Series of 5 $900*

Cell Reactivate features mega doses of cell targeted technologies, including stem cell activation. This process is designed to remarkably transform skin in 14 different ways.

*includes Cell Reactivate Serum to take home

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Detox Facial

45 min $106
Series of 3 $210

A thorough exfoliation with steam, enzymes and manual extractions, this treatment is recommend at three week intervals until clogging is remediated.

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Luxury Detox Facial

1 Treatment $90.10
6 Series $450
Membership Add On: 1 Treatment $53

Body massage is a great stress reliever. It helps ease physical ailments and enhance mental clarity. But why stop there? Facial massages come with all the same benefits but for your face with the added benefit of reducing the visual effects of stress carried in the face. This is also a great treatment if you suffer from allergies or chronic sinus issues.

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Microcurrent Face Lift

Series of 10 $1,200

Thankfully, there are ways of having a face-lift that look natural and are inexpensive. Microcurrent (a.k.a. facial fitness) is an exercise regimen that involves working out the muscles of the face. Having regular microcurrent treatments brings about a natural face-lift eliminating the need for surgery. The power to look young is literally in our hands.

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