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Abbigail Tarr

March 6, 2016

Abbigail Tarr, a licensed managing esthetician, started her career in 2011. Abbi began her career as a certified makeup artist and skin care specialist with Sephora, where she received 5 years of extensive makeup and ingredient training. The love of skin health and confirmation of her career path came about in her childhood. Abbi had dealt with cystic acne for years, never able to find a solution. While working in her teens, at her family’s fitness center, she began to realize all the factors that contribute to the health and aesthetic of one’s skin; energy, stress, food etc.. From that moment on, Abbi took on a holistic lifestyle and began research on how to become the best skin therapist for each individual client. She loves the unique diversity of all skin types and solving skin problems through extensive research. Abbi is truly thankful to have found a career that drives her passion as well as finding her home within Skin Perfect MD.