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Savannah Tobin

October 23, 2021

Savannah has had a passion for skin care and makeup since she was young. She has always been interested in learning more about skin, helping others achieve their skin goals, and finding new ways to help whether it be with skincare or makeup tricks to help make people feel good about themselves. She has a lot of customer service experience, so building relationships with the clients is something she enjoys, and is very important to her, as well as making them feel special not only when they arrive but when they leave. Skincare is something that has always been a priority to her, trying to find new tips and tricks on how to make your skin the absolute best it can be. Starting a career at Skin Perfect under the training of Jaclyn has not only helped her with learning different methods on how to work with people to advance their skin, but also the many other skin types, different treatments to help clients, and skincare products all which would help to advance her in her career in becoming an esthetician.