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Our Skin Perfect Shopping Guide for Busy Moms!

May 9, 2015

After posting our blog on working mothers we wanted to take things a step further. Here are some facial and makeup products we suggest for those mothers on the go! We want to help make your day go smoothly as possible and help you achieve the skin you deserve. All of these products IMG_1505are recommended by our expert estheticians and makeup artists. Take a break from your busy day and stop into Skin Perfect to shop around.

Skin Perfect Facial Products

  1. Glycolic Toner (Cleansing product)
  2. Triple Antioxidant Serum (Daytime control of pigmentation)
  3. Pigment Control (Night-time reverse of pigmentation)
  4. Replenish and Soothe (Facial moisturizer)
  5. Antioxidant Eye Cream (Antioxidant that fights free radicals)
  6. Intensive Eye Lightening Serum (Helps lighten dark eye circles)

Colore Me Perfect Makeup Products

  1. Mascara – Every girl loves long dark lashes, there may be days where you only have time to add one makeup product. Mascara not only makes your eyes pop but it makes you look more awake.
  2. CC Cream – This product is amazing and anyone can use it. CC stands for Color Corrector it is a primer for foundation, it has an SPF of 20, and can be worn alone under powder or foundation.
  3. Powder stroke – After you add your cc cream try our loose powder all in one, comes in matte or shimmer finish.
  4. Concealer – Did you only sleep four hours last night? If so you may need to add some concealer to cover those dark eyes.
  5. Lip Gloss – Maybe you don’t have time to add lip liner and lip stick, if this is the case try one of our amazing lip glosses.
  6. Setting Spray – Finish the look with our newest product, setting spray, your makeup will last and you will feel refreshed.