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New Mom Stress Relief Guide

May 5, 2015

Are you a new mom and feel like you get no sleep? Are you awake all night taking care of crying children? Do you have a headache within the first five minutes of waking up? If you said yes to any of these questions, you might need a little stress relief! Being a new mom has turned you into wonder woman, but many times you feel like sleepy from the seven dwarfs. The staff at Skin Perfect is here to help you feel like wonder woman all day. We love seeing the same clients come in every month, but we know sometimes it is hard to find time especially as a new mom. We want to give you some tips on how to stay relaxed at home.

Let’s start with the most important step, breathing. There are many times your baby won’t fall asleep when you need them to, or they just won’t stop crying. During this time try to focus on your breathing, notice how the air feels as it moves in and out of your lungs. Silently repeat a calming phrase like “peace” with each exhale for 1 minute, or until you feel more relaxed. Repeatinga mantra allows you to focus on something, so you won’t waste energy by feeling annoyed. This will give you more patience so you can concentrate on calming your baby.

Another popular option for relaxing is essential oils. At Skin Perfect we use and sell Doterra Essential Oils, the scents smell great and the clients love them! There are so many scents that will help you stay calm, sleep better, and help you focus. Bergamot is a calming and soothing aroma, it promotes healthy and clear skin as well. Lavender is used for its calming and relaxing qualities, it also eases muscle tension in the head and neck. Breathe is an oil blend that is perfect for nighttime diffusion allowing a restful sleep. Essential oils are the smart way to go if scent is a way to help you relax.

Nighttime is probably the time when you can spare 15 minutes for yourself. During this time we suggest you take a bath and meditate. The best part about taking a bath is the warm water and the scent of the room around you. Add a couple drops of essential oils in your bath and this will help smooth your skin and relax you. Try to focus on your breathing and the warmth of the water against your skin. Let go of all of your thoughts, maybe even incorporate a little bit of music so you can drift away. Try these steps every day or every other day and you will find yourself more relaxed.