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Skin Perfect = A Better Me

November 7, 2013

sidney-before-afterAs a part of Generation Y of course I thought that I knew everything. With the power of social networking and the unlimited access to the Internet I thought that I had all the information that I needed to look my best. Celebrities on my social networks told me what I was supposed to look like from makeup to wardrobe to accessorizing. Then YouTube gave me the “how to” on anything and everything I needed to do to achieve these looks from home. Naturally, on a college budget I was never able to completely achieve the full “celebrity” look. Soon after graduating college I moved back to Columbus and began working at Skin Perfect. That’s when everything changed!

Over the last 10 months I have been able to create my own “celebrity” look. In the beginning of my journey I had my Color Analysis done. As a True Spring I no longer wear colors such as black, white or even silver jewelry, which I wore a lot of over the years, because those colors don’t compliment my undertones. During my service the makeup artist customized my foundation, lip gloss and lip sticks. They picked out some great eyeshadow and blush colors. As I began to embrace my color palette and wear it more, the compliments poured in. Now that I know that I look good in my color it allows me to be more confident even on my worse day. A few months later I built up the courage to get my first “tattoo” through permanent makeup on my eyebrows. Jaclyn is an absolute magician! It has reframed my face, and saved me time and money. The last part of my journey thus far has been changing my hair. With this newfound confidence I was able to take it one step further and embrace my natural hair texture and change my hair color.

I give a lot of credit to the women at Skin Perfect. I love this spa and everything that they have brought to my life and the lives of our clients. I hope that everyone gets the same experience that I have had at this amazing place! Thank you ladies for making our clients and I your very own “celebrity” beauties!!