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May 16, 2015

Have you looked in the mirror recently and noticed brown spots on your skin? Sunspots are dark portions of the skin that develop after being lesionsbeforeexposed to direct UV rays. All ages can see these spots appear but those of you with fare skin will see it more frequently. They are most commonly seen around your face and hands. Here at Skin Perfect we have skin care treatments that will help improve the discoloration in your hands and face.

Our first step is to evaluate and analyze your skin by doing skin imaging. Skin imaging is a thorough analysis of your skin using photographs. An introductory treatment will be performed to determine the condition of your skin. Following your skin analysis, we will design a treatment and product recommendation to target your optimum goals. You will also receive a complimentary mini mineral makeup application by our experienced makeup artist.

Our sun reverse body treatment is ideal for women and men wanting clearer, smoother skin on their chest, back, arms, legs, hands and feet. This treatment will polish and tone the entire body. While single treatments may help brighten the skin for a special occasion, it is recommended to do a series of treatments to help improve more mature, photo damaged skin for a longer lasting result.  This treatment lasts 30 minutes and can be done with a clinical esthetician for $175 or a master esthetician for $200.

Our age defy platinum treatment is one of our bestselling treatments. Truly defying age with three forms of exfoliation, this treatment can improve discoloration and soften fine lines and wrinkles for sun damaged or aging skin. With one treatment you will see a dramatic difference. This treatment lasts 60 minutes and can be done with one of our clinical estheticians for $125 or a master esthetician for $150.

For those of you who have chosen one of our other unique treatments and would like at home ideas for your sun spots, we suggest trying these How-Do-You-Get-Rid-Of-Sunspots-On-Faceremedies. Always wear moisturizer with high SPF even on those days the sun is not shining, we suggest our oil free moisturizing sunscreen. Lemon has a great deal of citric acid that has great healing properties. Place lemon juice on sunspots and allow it to sit for 10 minutes, but avoid the sun during this time. Lastly, buttermilk has been used for decades to lighten sunspots but tends to be more effective on those that do not appear on the face. Allow the buttermilk to sit on the spots for several minutes and then gently wash it away. We hope this summer you follow these steps so you can enjoy the sun without those sunspots!