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What are clogged pores?

They can consist of blackheads, whiteheads, and little clogged pores in the form of bumps on the skin often on the forehead or jawline.  As skincare professional, my goal is to remove surface dry cells, relieve trapped oil and dead skin that stays trapped and congests the pore.

When most people are trying to clear their skin, the skin becomes dry and results in dry dead skin buildup.  This dead skin barrier traps oil in the skin therefore starting a cycle of new breakouts.

The tricky part is that some traditional exfoliants such as scrubs can be too harsh and too stripping to the client’s barrier. Also, stay away from natural scrubs, as the granules are too large or can have sharper edges (such as apricot pits or walnut husks).  Looking for scrubs with microbeads that easily glide or sand the skin that rolls across and doesn’t irritate are the best choice. If that barrier becomes stripped, then the skin will compensate and increase the oil production thereby increasing the breakouts.  It can be a vicious cycle so there is an art to exfoliating skin that is breakout prone.  If the skin appears bright red, irritated or raw, then the skin has been over exfoliated.

Having a skincare professional helping choose the right exfoliants is very important.  There are many options such as liquid exfoliants or professional treatment exfoliants such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels or dermaplaning.

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The after math and clean up

Dark, red marks are the “after acne” can be really frustrating for someone that has gone through all the obstacles of getting their skin clear, but now they have the daily reminder in the mirror.  Increasing exfoliation will help fade these marks.  The goal is to remove damaged cells to make room for the formation f healthy cells.  Also, delivering lightening ingredients deeper into the skin by professional Microneedling can speed up the process of fading and remodeling the depressed or inverted acne scars.

Book your resurfacing treatment today.  Remember progress equals happiness and seeing your skin improve before your eyes will be a great step forward!