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Why do we have dark circles?

Extra thin eye skin allows you to see the blood vessels.  An inset bone structure (deep set or hollowness around the eyes) can cause a shadow.  Leaky vessels and blood leaks from capillaries can cause eye dark, because of excessive blood.  After surgeries, severe bruising under the eyes can form which can give a rust-colored stain under the eyes.

Dark Circles

What happens when you have lack of sleep?

Lack of sleep decreases circulation and can cause it to appear dull, lifeless, and lack of circulation under the eye can make under-eye circles become more apparent.  Lack of sleep makes the skin look pale and tired, dull, and lifeless.  When the circulatory system is compromised and stagnant, the blood movement slows down it then areas aren’t properly draining.

Massage eye cream in circular motions.  Use an eye device to really get things moving.  Eye creams that have vitamin C can help increase capillary strength which helps make vessels healthier.  Healthy blood flow prevents accumulation of blood under the eye.  Retinol and peptides are also helpful in collagen building and support tissue renewal process.  Be careful not to treat the eyes with a face retinol as it can prevent translucent skin from the stronger retinol, so it’s best to stay with a retinol eye cream that is designed for the eyes.

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