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Even though caring for your skin and beauty needs is our #1 priority, we have an equally important task which is to provide a peaceful refuge for our clients to feel calm and relaxed while they are with us. Our spa is a place where you can come and unwind and forget about whatever is happening outside. We all need a break from the outside world, right? Read below to see all of the elements of our spa that we provide for including:

Calming essential oil diffusers in every room, including our reception area, tranquility waiting room, restrooms, and esthetician prep area.

Skin Perfect Spas Essential Oil Diffusers.


Several lab studies have confirmed that diffusing essential oils like lavender have been shown to reduce stress and help relieve anxiety in medical patients. Preliminary studies have also shown that oil diffusers can help alleviate symptoms of depression.





Heated beds in the treatment rooms.

Image of Skin Perfect Spas heated treatment room beds.


The heat emitted by the pad penetrates deep into the muscles. This aids with relaxation within minutes that help relieve stress and pain.





Lavender scented, heated neck-wraps which are given as soon as you get into the warm treatment bed.

Image of Skin Perfect Spas lavender scented heated neck wrap.


The heated wrap can soothe stiffness in the neck and shoulders and penetrates within minutes for maximum relaxation.  Pair that with the scent of lavender that will make you sink deeper into relaxation and tranquility.





Himalayan salt lamps in each treatment room to cleanse and deodorize the air.

Image of Skin Perfect Spas Himalayan salt lamp


These lamps can also boost mood, improve sleep, ease allergies, and help people with asthma breathe better among other benefits.





Hand and arm massages or décolleté massage depending on your service.

Image of Skin Perfect Spas hand and arm massage


Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension and it can produce feelings of caring, comfort and connection. Something we all could use right now.





Calm, peaceful spa music to relax your mind as you enjoy your treatment.

Image of relaxing music at Skin Perfect Spas.

Relaxing music triggers changes to the body that in many ways mimic a sleep state. It can cause a slower heart rate, slower breathing, and lower blood pressure. Music also has a soothing effect on our emotional brain, easing stress and anxiety.

In addition to all of these elements, we are always concentrating on the sanitation and cleanliness of our spa to ensure the health and safety of all of our clients, staff, and families.  For a full list of these measures please read our previous blog post Safety and Virus Protection Plan.