Please Call!

An image of nature with the words love yourself written over it.Written By: Jaclyn Peresetsky, founder of Skin Perfect

Most of us wear multiple masks to appear like we have it all together. Social media is a perfect example of this. Most of us only show the version of ourselves that we want to portray, not necessarily our true selves. I became overly driven doing this over the last decade and realized this game is exhausting. I learned that the outcome of a goal achieved is temporarily satisfying but that true fulfillment comes from enjoying each and every single day of my journey. Society can easily make you feel unworthy so now I practice new beliefs and behaviors that honor my new true value.  Nature is what has helped me in this journey.

The awe and expansiveness of nature, and inherent beauty reminds me to breathe and be still in the moment. Have you ever looked at something in nature and thought something negative? Nature understands that growth is a process, in fact it is natural law.  Imagine when a tree is planted. First, it needs to start growing roots, then extending its branches followed by leaves or flowers blossoming. Overtime, it builds character, and becomes deeply rooted in its values. It has no commitment to perfection but instead commitment to evolution.  Nature was a mirror for me to see my true nature. Nature can help us all see the beauty in imperfection and finally see the light that gradually starts to glow when you love yourself.