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To kickstart the year (and your skin), Skin Perfect owner, Jaclyn Peresetsky, runs down her top 7 skincare resolutions.

  1. Never go to bed without washing your face.
    This is allows your skin to breathe, sweat out toxins, allow the oils to secrete and rebalance your skin, and allow your skin cells to regenerate.
  2. Wear sunscreen every day.
    You are still getting UV exposure even on cloudy days.  A physical sunscreen with zinc and titanium dioxide will reflect the sun’s light, not absorb it.
  3. Maintain a regularly schedule facial every month.
    Minimally you should be getting a facial every month by a skincare professional in order to properly exfoliate, nourish, and turn on the rejuvenating cells and youth factors.
  4. Schedule a deeper chemical peel, microneedling, or advanced LED (light therapy) treatment every quarter.
    Doing an advanced treatment will help to rev up your skin to see greater results.
  5. Integrate a new skin therapy regularly to challenge your skin.
    Try a new therapy such as Microcurrent, Nano Current, LED, Cryotherapy, or Intensive FSD (Fractionated Light Therapy).
  6. Only wear makeup that is beneficial for your skin and not harmful or clogging.
    Select makeup that is nutrient rich with ingredients that are going to nourish and improve your skin.
  7. Switch out at least one skincare product every three months.
    Mixing up your skincare products will keep your skin constantly changing and challenged to continue to get positive results.

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