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Teens have so many obstacles that can stand in their way when it comes to building self confidence. They are bombarded on social media with images of how they should dress, look, do their makeup, cut their hair – the list is endless.  In addition, they have peers that can either build them up with friendship and support or tear them down with just a look or a like.

Many of us at Skin Perfect are mothers to teens and know the struggles they face on a daily basis.  These struggles are only exemplified when they are struggling with acne. It’s hard for them to look in the mirror without being embarrassed or ashamed of their breakouts and it can take a toll on their self esteem.

Recently Jaclyn shared her tips and products for helping teens treat and help prevent acne with the team at Good Day Columbus. Facial treatments like our new Deep Cleanse Membership or our Acne Resolution can make big improvements in their skin. Combining the right at home care with regular skincare treatments can go a long way towards keeping our teens confident, happy, and with healthy glowing skin.

Jaclyn has compiled her favorite products to help with teen acne.  Here are her recommendations:




Enzyme-Sal Cleanser and 10% BPO Cleanser are both excellent options for keeping teen skin clean, clear and it helps remove dead skin cells.







Image of Skin Perfect Exfoliators



These two exfoliators are gentle enough for a teen’s acneic skin but tough enough together rid of the dead skin cells. Refine and Renew Scrub and Clarifying Brightening Polish.









Say goodbye to the days of Clearasil and toothpaste to treat acne breakouts.  These four products are great to have on hand to keep the breakouts away. Overnight Spot Treatment, Cleansing Pads, Gly/Sal Spray, Acne Spot Treatment.






image of Skin Perfect Hydrators



A pair of hydrators that won’t clog your teens pores or create an oily feeling on their skin. Packed full of hydrating ingredients to give their skin a healthy glow. Clarifying Moisturizer and Perfect Oil-Free Hydrator.