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Beautiful permanent makeup should go undetected and be as subtle as possible. We take into account thickness, arch, length and the color/pigment that will be used while analyzing your bone structure. Every detail will determine perfect shape and design for your unique face.

At Skin Perfect, we require a consultation prior to any procedure unless you are already a Skin Perfect permanent makeup client. For your safety, expectations and happiness, we have found this to be the best practice. During the consultation, we discuss shape, technique and color that would be best for your unique coloring and face shape. We also detail the steps in the procedure, including prepping prior and how to care for your new permanent makeup post procedure.


We use iron oxide pigments, as they have been shown to be the safest pigment. Anything that is vegetable-based, organic or natural is the riskiest pigment. Most natural products in vegetables and herbs can cause horrible allergic reactions when depositing them in the skin.

A topical numbing cream is applied to the treated area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anesthetic that controls swelling and continues numbing for the full procedure.