This Month, We're All About Eyes.
Eyes are the window to our soul and it’s time to bring their definition back.
Here are some DIY tips for tightening up the skin and dealing with dark circles:
Pop Some Spoons in the Freezer.
WHAT TO DO: Chill spoons in the fridge or freezer in a second of free time. Then, apply cold spoons to your eyes. WHY IT WORKS: The cold shocks skin into tightening up and relaxes blood vessels.
Repurpose Your
Tea Bags.
WHAT TO DO: Chill used green or black tea bags for 30 min, then place them over your eyes foran additional 10-15.  WHY IT WORKS: The tea contains anti-irritants to relieve swelling, redness, and inflammation
Potatoes are the New Cucumbers. 
WHAT TO DO: Grate a potato and tie the shavings up in a clean cloth before placing the bundle over your eyelids for several minutes. WHY IT WORKS: The starch present in potatoes has anti-inflammatory properties and can temporarily combat dark circles for next to no cost.
And that's not all...
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