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Beauty Trends Men Hate

July 14, 2015

If you are a woman there have many times when you have second guessed putting on certain makeup for a date. We always wonder what men love and hate about beauty, but no one wants to ask. We have got the answers for you! Below you will find the top trends that men hate and some ways you can be sure you do not fall into that category.

Too Much Makeup

too-much-makeupMen love simplicity, especially when it comes to makeup. Men appreciate a natural look versus a full face of makeup. They also love that the natural look doesn’t take as long as a full face of makeup. If you are going for a bright color on your face you want to pick either lips, blush, or eyeshadow. You never want all three to have a bright color. Instead of going for a bright eyeshadow try a color that is more natural and light rather than a bright or dark smokey eye. For your lips choose something that is a nude color or a cool pink. When applying blush you want it to look as natural as you can, stay away from the deep colors and focus on what would look natural on your cheek bones.

Fake Eyelashes
fake-eyelashesEyelashes are a girl’s best friend, but not always the guy’s best friend. When guys see your eyelashes taken off and put into the trash, I guarantee they make some type of remark or make fun of them. If you decide to wear fake eyelashes you want to cut the eyelashes into sections. This way it is easier to apply and you will not leave your entire lash line on their pillow case. A wonderful service clients love is, eyelash extensions. Instead of always having to apply and reapply you will just have to wake up and add mascara. The eyelash extensions are applied to your lashes and will stay on as long as you continue coming in for touch ups. The picture to the right shows fake eyelashes (left) and eyelash extensions (right) done by one of our expert estheticians.

Makeup that is not the right color
wrong-color-makeupEveryone’s skin tone is different, which means certain colors may not look best on you. As we mentioned previously, men hate when a woman wears too much makeup. Now if you have too much makeup on and it doesn’t fit your skin tone, you may not have a chance of a second date. You may not think guys notice, but they do. Color analysis is a service we offer at our spa and it not only helps you find the right colors for clothing, but also for makeup and jewelry choices. Once you find the perfect colors for you, you will be able to rock many colors that you never knew you could. We offer custom blended foundation which matches your skin tone, perfectly. This way your neck and face will match, and you won’t have to worry about that neck makeup line. When you put on your foundation it should never look like your head is floating.

Dramatic Eyebrows
bad-eyebrowEyebrows shape our face and without them we feel naked. If you follow certain makeup sites, you may have seen the infamous concealer brow. For this trick they draw on the brow, then line the brow with concealer making the brow pop. This is nowhere close to being natural, and your man may not like it. Your eyebrows arch should never look pointy and like it is touching your hair line. When you draw on your brow you want to follow your hair line, then when you reach the arch make your line a little higher. The biggest mistake when drawing on eyebrows is the color. If you colored your hair blonde, your eyebrow needs to match the darkest blonde highlight. If you are platinum blonde, your eyebrows should be light/dark blonde depending on your skin tone. If you dye your hair red, your eyebrows should have red tint to them. Lastly we have many services that will help your makeup needs. Whether that be permanent makeup for your eye liner, lips, or brows. Eyebrow tinting so you have a better feel for your shape. Or makeup lessons so you can learn how to rock that natural look.

Not only are these trends just to make the men happy, but they will also help guide you to have a better face for your job, interviews, and evenings out with friends. We hope these tips help you out on your beauty journey.