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November 2019

What’s New in November….

Take a look at some of our new product additions, check out our Pumpkin Peels, and learn about Collagen Induction Treatments. Read More…


October 2019

October 2019 Newsletter Image

October Open House and Peel Special

Members save 20% on a series of 3 or more Vitalize, Perfect 10,
or Smooth and Refine peels

Read More…


September 2019

Image of September 2019 Newsletter ImageWe Know What You Did This Summer

We know what you did this summer…and it’s okay.  Who wouldn’t be tempted by the sunny days of summer, where you lounged at the pool or took a beach vacation, or just cut the grass without your SPF.  Read More...

August 2019

Look What’s New

We are excited to announce our newest skin treatment – The Lumen Muscle Stimulator which combines LED and Microcurrent all in one treatment.  Read More...


July 2019


Things That Never Happen:

(And when they do it’s a big deal) Winning the Powerball jackpot | Getting struck by lightning | Marrying a supermodel | Getting a hole-in-one | Being deal a royal flush in poker. New Permanent Makeup Procedures 15% off… Read More…

June 2019


Do you love your lashes?

If the answer is no, we can help! Lashes have always been a facial feature that women and men invest in to showcase their eyes. With the need for lush lashes, and the wide variety of services now available for eyelash enhancement, Skin Perfect is your destination for the newest services dominating the industry like lash extensions and the lash lift and tint. Read More…

May 2019


Melanoma Awareness Month

Spring is here which means more hours of daylight, time outside, and opportunities for the sun to damage your skin. It is beneficial to get Vitamin D from the sun, but you should know how to protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause skin damage. The first step is to wear a protective sunscreen to help shield you from the suns harmful rays. Read More…

April 2019


April Showers Bring….

Take advantage of our April make-up specials where highlighters Angelic Splash, Guava Swirl, and Apricot Swirl are on sale for 20% off. Also: SKIN PERFECT UNIVERSITY IS NOW OPEN! We are excited to announce our 4th location is now accepting clients with the opening of Skin Perfect University (SPU) and Skin Perfect MD. Read More…


March 2019


March Into Wellness

“Biting into a healthy lifestyle” can work from the inside and out. Making better choices with your food and your skincare go hand and hand. Improving your skin’s metabolism will help make your skin healthier and appear refreshed. Read More…


February 2019


Red Light Therapy

Do you want to improve your skin texture or reduce your skin breakouts? Heal your skin and glow with LED light therapy. It works at a cellular level and stimulates the healing mechanisms in the skin. The Red light gently stimulates collagen production. Read More…


January 2019


Why Washing Your Face Is So Important

A common benefit of facial cleansing is the removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris. Throughout the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. Daily facial washing removes these impurities to give the skin a fresh look. Read More…


December 2018


Tips for Keeping Hydrated in Winter Months

Harsh wind and cold weather can impede your glowing skin for all of your holiday functions. The key to skin survival is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 1. AVOID USING FACE POWDER. 2. CUT DOWN ON CAFFEINE. 3. EXFOLIATE. 4. MOISTURIZE TWICE A DAY. Read More…


November 2018


November is our Skin Perfect Anniversary Month

with that in mind, we always try to bring awareness back to the reason we are here:
OUR CLIENTS. Microcurrent treatments will help increase the health insurance and appearance of your skin; tighten aging skin; help tone your muscle mass evidently and neck. Read More…

October 2018


Exfoliation is the Best Way to Reveal Newer, Brighter Skin!

Increasing frequency or adding an additional exfoliation method may be the best way to get your skin glowing! Why Do We Need to Exfoliate? Skin is constantly turning over, generating new cells at the lower level (the dermis) and sending them up to replace dead skin cells on the upper layer (epidermis). As we age, the cell turnover process slows down. Read More…


September 2018


The Perfect Start To Amazing Skincare

Once you’ve started a new product or new routine, it’s important to pay close attention to see how your skin is reacting to it. This is where you get up close and personal with your complexion, inspecting for dry skin, flakes, redness, or acne. Most active ingredients in skincare products need up to two months or so to take effect. Read More…


August 2018


The Perfect Start To Amazing Skincare

Once you’ve started a new product or new routine, it’s important to pay close attention to see how your skin is reacting to it. This is where you get up close and personal with your complexion, inspecting for dry skin, flakes, redness, or acne. Most active ingredients in skincare products need up to two months or so to take effect. Read More…


July 2018


Unclog Your Sweaty Pores.

Sweat can cause acne when you are in a hot and humid climate or from exercising and working out. Here are a few tips that can help treat acne at home. Read More…


June 2018


What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a natural and effective way to enhance your skin. It is known to slow down skin aging, boost blood flow, firm and tighten skin and smooth way lines and wrinkles. The results are instant – ‘lifted’ features alongside firmer, smoother skin. Applying a firming cream to your skin completes a cryotherapy session. Read More…


May 2018


Happy May!

Now you can get in on the action…
for 20% off! Read More…


April 2018

This Month, We’re All About Eyes.

Eyes are the window to our soul and it’s time to bring their definition back.
Here are some DIY tips for tightening up the skin and dealing with dark circles: Read More…


March 2018


Spring Is Almost Here

Changing up your home care is essential when seasons change because your skin changes as well. Here are some tips: Read More…


February 2018


What is Paraffin?

It is a treatment that uses a warm oil-based wax to provide pain relief to hands, feet and sore joints and muscles. Read More…


January 2018


How to Get Some Winter Skin Relief

As we head into the height of winter, the battle for healthy skin is only heating up – but it’s not just the cold you’re fighting against. Read More…


December 2017


20% off Nanocurrent for the month of December!

Nanocurrent is a luxury, innovative skincare device that offers multiple therapy benefits: Read More…


November 2017


November is here and the holidays are quickly approaching

The best part of November is showing and giving thanks for all that we have and those that we love. At Skin Perfect, our clients are what we are most thankful for, and November is the month we want to give back to those we cherish most: our clients! Read More…


October 2017


Update Your Fall Skincare Routine

Depending on where you live, summer is swiftly fading. As the temperatures drop, consider switching to a heavier moisturizer and night cream to keep your skin hydrated. Read More…

September 2017


Don’t Let The Stress Affect Your Skin.

If you’re dealing with stress-related blemishes or just acne in general, we can help. We offer a variety of peels, treatments, and facials designed to help manage your adult acne and get you on track to clearer, more radiant skin. Read More…


August 2017


Knowledge That’s More Than Skin Deep.

Cosmetics can mask effects of sun damage but it’s hard to know your skin’s real story without a closer look. Skin Imaging takes you deeper to illuminate damage and monitor critical changes over time. Read More…