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Embrace Your Unique Skin Tone

July 15, 2013

masha-before-afterGrowing up, all through high school, you were not cool if you did not go tanning in a tanning bed and have that beautiful vacation glow! My, how times have changed! Did you know the FDA cited an American Academy of Dermatology statistics that document a 75% increase in melanoma risk among tanning bed users, and the risk increases with each use? With the trends turning more to knowing and understanding preventative care, sun damage is one of the top trending discussions. I believe it is important to educate not only anti-aging clients but teenagers and young adults on the harmful effects of sun exposure and how to take appropriate measures on preventing sun damage and decreasing chances of skin cancer.

A large part of the battle is to embrace your heritage and your own unique skin tone. Being as I am a very fair skinned, blue eyed, blonde haired female, I struggled to keep up with the naturally tanned, darker skinned women. At Skin Perfect, we place an emphasis on education and teaching the client how to feel and look their best in a positive way. Personally, color analysis changed my outlook on feeling the need to always be tan. I learned that based on my individual skin tone, there is a specific family of colors that looks best on me. Now when I wear the colors that compliment my skin tone, I feel more beautiful than I ever did simply being tan. Now, if I want to have that beautiful vacation glow, I use St. Tropez sunless tanner to look and feel sun kissed without the harmful effects of UV rays.