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How to Avoid Eye Makeup Mistakes!

June 24, 2015

After we cleanse and moisturize our faces in the morning, we normally apply our makeup. However, many times during this process we accidentally smudge our mascara or cause our makeup to look worse when trying to fix a mistake. We want to give you some tips to help prevent makeup mistakes and avoid those crazy raccoon eyes!

The first thing to take into consideration is the placement of your eye cream. If you find that your mascara or eyeliner smears not long after application, it is normally because your eye cream was placed too close to your eye. The warmth of your eye cavity will pull the cream closer to the eye, and often into your mascara and liner causing them to smear. The best place to apply your eye cream is on your orbital bone, or the bone that surrounds the eye sockets.

The next and very important step to remember is, do your eye makeup before anything else! Any mistake can be easily wiped away without having to start over with your concealer and foundation. smudge

Next, to ensure your eye shadow stays on, always place an eye shadow base on your lids. Without a base, your eye shadow will fade through-out the day requiring multiple applications.

After applying your eye shadow, apply your eyeliner and mascara. If your mascara gets on your eye shadow, let it dry before removing it with a qtip. If you try to remove the mascara while it is still wet, it will smudge.

Set the concealer under your eye with powder by blotting it with a tissue. Before adding powder, you will want to remove any access off of the tissue. Our trick to remove the access powder is to place a cotton ball inside the tissue (making a little ghost!) and blotting it on your hand. This is a great way to avoid putting too much powder around your eyes.

We hope these tips help your morning makeup applications go a little easier with less smudging and mistakes!