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Color Analysis

March 4, 2016

Our modernized Color Analysis service is a personalized gift that quite literally lasts forever!

Color is the first thing that people notice so it’s important to know which colors make you look your best. You will look polished and authentically influential simply by wearing your best colors on your face and body. Our brand new 12 Step Seasonal Analysis System identifies the colors that perfectly harmonize with your skin tone. During the analysis, you will be draped with fabric swatches while a specially trained color analysis expert conducts the assessment. After your Seasonal Tone is discovered, a Makeup Artist will apply makeup in your color palette so you can see and experience your transformation right before your eyes.

After your appointment, you will receive:

  • A personalized Seasonal Tone Bio Sheet so you can further understand your personal coloring, makeup colors, and application techniques.
  • A color swatch “passport” of your color palette to keep in your purse and refer to when making hair color, makeup and clothing decisions and to assess your current wardrobe.