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Rosy Ideas For Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2018

Whenever we think of roses, we always think of Valentine’s Day. The nostalgia of Valentine’s Day starts as far back as grade school, when we made valentines for friends, teachers, and, of course, our crushes.

The classic roses are always what we think of when coming up with a Valentine’s Day gift, but maybe using this classic in a different creative gift idea just might surprise your special someone!

  1. Rose Glow – A highlighter with a flattering hint of pink to illuminate cheekbones and eyelids is a universal gift for all skin tones. And let’s face it, women never have enough makeup!
  2. Rose Tie, Rose Pink Golf Shirt, Rose Dress Shirt? – Men love to be thought of on this special day, and using the chosen V-Day’s color may warm his heart.
  3. Rose Face Mist – Rose extract is hydrating and can be exactly what our skin needs after a night sleep when we are losing water. A rose water spritz may be exactly what your special someone needs to wake their skin up in a beautiful and loving way.
  4. Rose Fragrance for Him – Rose is a note that we typically reserved for old ladies and maidens. Believe it or not, there are many rose-infused fragrances for men. Often, male fragrances combine the rose accord with a woody base acting as an anchor.