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Safety & Virus Prevention Plan

May 11, 2020

Safety & Virus Prevention Control Plan for Skin Perfect Spas

    1. All Skin Perfect employees have taken an infection control training course to enhance and further their knowledge of bacteria, viruses and sanitation.
    2. Our employees have been given a detailed infection control plan including PPE to wear during services and while on spa premises, ensuring the 6 ft. social distancing, etc.
    3. We have posted signage at the front desk, as well as the break room and bathrooms reminding clients, guests and employees the importance of hygiene standards such as hand washing, sanitizer, wiping down all areas, covering coughs, and hands-off policies unless in a treatment setting.
    4. We will do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through in spa safety practices and in our communication to clients and guests through our channels of online bookings, phone calls, text messages, and/or email prior to appointments.
    5. We will recommend clients in high-risk, vulnerable groups not get treatments.
    6. At client and employee arrival, we will provide a temperature reading with a temperature gun and will offer clients hand sanitizer and an optional mask upon entering the spa.
    7. We will maintain physical distancing in common areas and we will be staggering appointments. All employees are required to wear masks in common areas. We require service providers to wear masks and a face shield.
    8. During treatment, we will not be offering lip masks due to potential saliva contamination.
    9. To prevent any opportunity of possible contact with COVID-19, we will not be doing hand and arm massages during treatments, instead we will be offering a longer neck and shoulder massage.
    10. We will ask clients to use hand sanitizer upon arrival, then go to the bathroom to wash their hands prior to going into the treatment room.
    11. Our beds will only have fresh laundered sheets and we will discontinue blanket use.
    12. Our hospitality and management team will be overseeing constant cleaning of surfaces, and equipment, paying special attention to high-touch areas such as door-knobs and light switches.
    13. We will not be using any makeup testers at this time. However, we will continue to provide custom blend foundation matching.
    14. Our employees will be changing into their uniform and spa shoes once they have arrived at the spa and had their temperature checked.
    15. At the end of their shift, our employees will change out of their uniform and spa shoes followed by the uniform being properly washed and disinfected.
    16. Our guests will be offered an optional disposable mask for your visit. We will take only one client into the reception area at a time to avoid congregation and respect social distancing.
    17. All treatment rooms will have a required disinfection time, so they are properly wiped down and thoroughly disinfected between every client.
    18. We will continue to follow the direction of all Barbering and Cosmetology State Boards ensuring the mandatory cleaning and disinfection of tools and implements, areas with counter tops, door handles, treatment rooms, back bars, bathrooms, reception areas, and break room.