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Skin Treatment Doesn’t Stop at Your Face

September 5, 2013

vaidilaFirst of all, I’m so grateful and blessed to be with Skin Perfect now for over 5 years!

My passion, curiosity and knowledge in the skin field keeps increasing, and with that I would like to address a very important subject – neck, chest and décolleté skin.

I have observed that over the years our clients’ skin improves so much with our customized home skin care and individually personalized monthly treatments. Staying consistent is one of the keys toward desirable results, but Anti-Aging skin care and skin treatments shouldn’t stop at your face! I have noticed that there is a big tendency to neglect neck and chest more than the face!

After a few years of improving only your face, your neck, chest and décolleté skin will start showing all the signs of aging. That does a huge disservice in having a healthy looking skin altogether.

The skin on the neck and chest is thin, so sun damage is more apparent and harder to repair. Both the neck and chest require stronger formulations to reverse aging! The cut of your clothing often exposes your neck and chest to the sun, allowing for premature aging. We learned that just like the skin on your face, your neck, chest, and décolleté all require monthly skin cell exfoliation treatments to allow it to look younger and at its healthiest.

Most of the time you’ll be able to treat your aging skin signs below the face with the same facial product, but since we do treat many specific skin concerns here at Skin Perfect we do recommend to ask your esthetician to personalize your neck, chest and décolleté regimen.

At Skin Perfect we take a great pride in our ability to customize treatments to fit any specific needs of the skin, and now we can add your neck, chest and décolleté monthly treatments to your memberships! I am very excited about this addition since the sun-reverse season begins now! Lets erase unwanted aging signs with a progressive approach!