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Wake-Up in Makeup

July 8, 2015

How many times have you been told “never wear makeup to bed.” Every night you wash your face to only wake up and apply the same makeup on. The only way you can avoid breakouts and unhealthy skin is to wash your face every night, for a makeup free face. After countless amounts of applying and reapplying, I’m sure you have found yourself wishing to wake up with a face full of smudge free makeup. Now there is something called, Permanent Makeup, which we offer at our Skin Perfect locations.

Permanent makeup is a process of cosmetic tattooing, it adds pigmentation to the skin to create the look of makeup. We offer lip, brow, and eyeliner at our locations. This perm mprocedure has become very popular for all women. It helps you have a quicker beauty routine every morning and will help you get a few more minutes of sleep.

Many of you know Jaclyn Peresetsky, she is the owner, esthetician, and permanent makeup expert here at Skin Perfect. With her advanced training in color theory, her artistic background creates natural-looking results. “Having the proper color choice and a soft application are the keys to beautiful permanent makeup,” says Jaclyn.

During the procedure, one of our estheticians like Jaclyn or Susana will first numb the targeted area. Then, using a digitalized designed for facial tattooing, she will apply the makeup color using delicate strokes like a painter. The procedure is quick, lasting around 45 minutes. The results of these procedures will last for several years, but natural fading does occur over time. We recommend you coming in overtime to have a touch up done.

The waterproof and smudge-proof permanent makeup saves time and money that is normally spent on morning beauty routines and Eye Linerreapplication throughout the day.  Your eyebrows will be perfectly shaped, lipstick won’t rub off, and your eyeliner won’t need reapplied every time laughter brings tears to your eyes. Permanent makeup also helps men and women who have thinning or uneven eyebrows, receive the brow shape they have always wanted. Women who suffer from hand tremors, arthritis, poor eyesight, and other conditions that make it hard to apply makeup, finally get the makeup they want. “We want men and women to look great, feel confident, and have the defined features they desire, without anyone knowing they had permanent makeup done,” says Jaclyn.